Many people have the wrong impression that it is always cold in Sweden. But you only have to speak someone who has been here a couple of times to know that this really is not true Sweden has even more sunhours than average in the Netherlands and in Germany. Sweden has many wonderful summers with nice temperatures, Winter is often cold, but because of the low humidity is does not feel as cold as the thermometer wants you to believe.

Almost whole Sweden has a continental climate, which generally indicates dry and (relatively) warm summers and cold winters. In summer temperatures between 23 and 27 degrees no exception. Often are these temperatures accompanied by bright blue skies and a radiant Sun 

The winters in Sweden can be, as well known, quite severe. In northern Sweden, maximum temperatures from -30 º C are not rare (the average January temperature in Kiruna is about -16 º C). In the south, temperatures are considerably higher (the average January temperature is around freezing in Malmö).